Leader of India Says Country’s Vaccine Industry Will ‘Help All Humanity’

While Iran weathered a punishing first wave that turned it into an early epicenter of the pandemic throughout March and April, it progressed to largely keeping the virus in check since.

But months of mismanagement and poor governance have jeopardized Iran’s ability to keep a lid on the outbreak. Stockpiles of medical equipment are running out, health workers have gone months without pay and, most alarming, about $800 million of emergency funding set aside to combat the virus appears to have vanished, the country’s health minister, Saeed Namaki, said on Wednesday.

With signs that the country could be headed for a second wave, Mr. Rouhani appeared to be delegating some control in hopes of pre-empting a resurgence.

According to Iranian news broadcasts, local officials could shut down a range of public spaces, including schools, mosques and businesses.

A man from Hughesville, Md., was sentenced to a year in prison and ordered to pay a $5,000 fine after hosting two parties in March that violated Gov. Larry Hogan’s emergency order prohibiting large gatherings, the local authorities said Friday.

The man, Shawn Marshall Myers, 42, was arrested on March 27 after he hosted two parties with more than 50 guests, just five days apart, according to the Charles County State’s Attorney’s Office. Mr. Meyers had been argumentative with police officers when asked to shut the parties down, and refused to ask guests to leave when the police responded the second time, leading to his arrest.

At the time, Mr. Hogan’s order prohibited gatherings larger than 10 people. Mr. Myers was not arrested after he agreed to shut down the first gathering, but was ultimately convicted of two counts of failing to comply with an emergency order, one for each party.

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