Facebook Moves to Stop Election Misinformation

To get accurate information on the election’s results, Facebook said it plans to partner with Reuters, the news organization, to provide verified election results to the voting information center. If any candidate tries to declare victory falsely or preemptively, Facebook said, it would add a label to those posts directing users to the official results.

Mr. Zuckerberg has said publicly that Facebook exists to “give people a voice,” and that “voting is voice.” On Tuesday, he and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, donated $300 million to support voting infrastructure and security efforts.

Facebook teams have worked for months to walk through different scenarios and contingency plans for how to handle the election. The company has built an arsenal of tools and products to safeguard elections in the past four years. It also invited those in government, think tanks and academia to participate.

In recent months, Facebook also turned more to postelection planning. Mr. Zuckerberg and some of his lieutenants had started holding daily meetings about minimizing how the platform could be used to dispute the election, people with knowledge of the company have said.

In his post on Thursday, Mr. Zuckerberg said the period after the election “could be a period of intense claims and counterclaims as the final results are counted.”

The chief executive was personally involved in the new election-related changes, according to two people familiar with the company, who declined to be identified because the details are confidential. He pushed the team working on the changes to come up with new ways to tamp down on misinformation and voter suppression, they said.

“It’s going to take a concerted effort by all of us — political parties and candidates, election authorities, the media and social networks, and ultimately voters as well — to live up to our responsibilities,” Mr. Zuckerberg said.

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